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By this point, it should be fairly obvious that I’m new to Star Trek. The Original Series is the only part of the Star Trek franchise that I have any direct experience with. As of this writing, I know that I’ve watched some episodes, but don’t remember how far I got before I gave up. I know I didn’t finish the first season.

I’m going to begin my trek through Star Trek by restarting The Original Series. But before I get into the episode reviews, I wanted to write a little bit about what I know about The Original Series of Star Trek. My knowledge of things Star Trek is obviously very minimal and I expect to learn more with every bit I watch. The following is what I know off the top of my head with minimal research.

Anyway. Star Trek: The Original Series (often referred to as simply TOS) was created by Gene Rodenberry and ran from September 1966 through June 1969. TOS is fairly episodic and mostly revolved around three central characters: Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy. It’s perhaps worth noting that the larger ensemble cast included non-white characters like Uhura and Sulu. For the time period, I believe that was fairly revolutionary.

Besides that, there are two phrases that I associate with TOS: “beam me up Scotty” and “live long and prosper.” I’m fairly certain that the first is something that can pretty much only be found in TOS (isn’t there a character names Scotty?) but the latter might be something from the Star Trek franchise at large.

I know that Mr. Spock is half Vulcan, which I understand to be a race of alien. But I don’t yet know anything about the Vulcans as a whole.

I think there’s a character named Khan, who might be a villain, but I’m not entirely sure.

I expect TOS to look dated compared to later Star Trek series and later television series as a whole. Additionally, I expect there to be some bad acting (I understand there is a notoriously bad fight scene between Kirk and an alien).

I know that another little science fiction series by the name of Doctor Who started airing in the UK only a few years before Star Trek began airing in the States. Doctor Who didn’t see its first color episode until 1970, so I don’t know if that speaks to the production values of Star Trek at the time. I don’t know enough about television history to know how common color television series were in the late 1960s in both the US and the UK.

That is everything I can think of about Star Trek: The Original Series. I look forward to re-starting the series and diving into reviews (hopefully) next week.

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