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Greetings, Star Trek fans! I just finished writing the about page and was debating about whether or not to do an introductory post as well. After all, one would assume both would say essentially the same thing and that the about page will ultimately get more page views (but what do I know?). But I decided to forge ahead with this post anyway. For one ting, today is the fourth of July, which is a holiday for those of us in the United States. I have no idea how many people are realistically going to be reading anything I throw on She Treks today anyway. But I also didn’t want to delay the “grand opening” of She Treks either. I worry that if I keep putting it off, it may never happen. So here we are.

Hi. I’m Taylor and this is my blog She Treks. Perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself and how we got here before I regurgitate some of what’s already on the about page. I’m a 30 something from Philadelphia, PA and I’m a Star Trek newbie. It might seem surprising for someone to make it to 30 with very limited Star Trek exposure, but there’s a very simple reason for that: as I’ve grown and changed, my interests have grown and changed with me. Traditionally geeky things like science fiction or comic books didn’t really appeal to me as a kid. My parents weren’t really into those sorts of things and I wasn’t surrounded by people who were. For years, I was convinced that Star Trek wasn’t really my thing. But then, slowly, I discovered that I actually do like science fiction and fantasy. In fact, I’d rank them among my favorite genres.

One of the things that has been largely missing from my life until this point was Star Trek. Of course, Star Trek has permeated my consciousness as much as it was anyone else. How could it not? Star Trek has been very much a part of the public consciousness for over 50 years. Thus, phrases like “beam me up Scotty” and “live long and prosper” are very familiar. Characters like Captains Kirk, Picard, and Janeway as well as Mr. Spock are very recognizable to me. I know that a character wearing a red shirt is probably going to die.

But up until now, I’ve only watched a handful of episodes of The Original Series of Star Trek. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to watch more. Quite the contrary – I’ve wanted to continue with the franchise since I watched the first episode. I’ve always considered Star Trek to be the pinnacle of American science fiction TV; the standard by which all other sci-fi television is measured. What has been holding me back was the sheer size of the Star Trek universe. Because I’m late to the game, I’m starting basically at zero and have no one to talk about it with.

That’s where this blog comes in. Every week, I hope to review one episode of Star Trek, starting with The Original Series. I realize that at that rate, I’ll be at this forever. However, I’d like to say two things about that: first, depending on how things go, I may opt to up my game and do more than one review per week. Second, even if I stick with one review per week, I hope that taking things at that speed will make the experience much less overwhelming.

I’m looking forward to connecting with Star Trek fans and chatting about the franchise. I admit that I’m feeling quite nervous, however. Please keep in mind that I’m new to this. I don’t claim to be an expert with regards to anything Star Trek. Please be patient as I get into the groove of this blog.


Meet the Author

She goes by either Sue or Taylor and doesn't care which you choose to call her. She's 30-something living in Pennsylvania, USA. For years, she didn't think she would like Star Trek, but time and experience proved to her that she probably would. Because she didn't come to Star Trek until adulthood, she is perhaps way behind her Trekkie peers. She Treks is her attempt to slowly "catch up" and hopefully connect with other Star Trek fans along the way. When she's not watching Star Trek, she can be found enjoying one of her random other interests.

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